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**Why promote “free messengers” instead of tolerating “WhatsApp”, for example?

Because there are no “General Terms and Conditions” (GTC).

With free messenger systems, the programs - both for the users and for the servers - can be used without questionable “General Terms and Conditions” (GTC) and without restriction. This is also stated in the respective license.

However, the technical basis for the regulated exchange of instant messages (“protocols”) is also public and without general terms and conditions.

Use of WhatsApp in clubs/companies

WhatsApp is often used in clubs or companies. According to the terms of use (GTC), normal WhatsApp may only be used for private purposes.

In addition, the consent of all contacts must be obtained before use as to whether they agree to their contact details being sent to WhatsApp. Especially since data from non-WhatsApp users (entire address books) is also uploaded, this is neither practicable nor permissible (see >>Data practices<< and >>Privacy<<)