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Content of the pages

These pages are intended to provide a neutral introduction and overview to the topic “Free Messengers “ - not only for interested beginners, but also for advanced users and technology experts. By providing background information why free messengers are useful, the “communication competence” shall be improved. This means that “digital” self-responsibility, freedom and independence are to be promoted.

In public, information about “secure” messengers is often only one-sided. As a result, people carelessly believe in “security “ but few are aware of the “freedoms “ that are carelessly given up under the pretext of “convenience “. Thus often outdated or wrong information is used for private/business decisions for/against a messenger.

These pages summarize many well-known and lesser-known facts about messengers from a variety of sources. Although structure and appearance are important, they should not be overrated. It is not the “packaging” that counts, but the “content “ !

Marking and copying

You are welcome to copy and distribute the content. I ask however not to forget the source reference (“”).


Any feedback regarding the content is welcome. No matter if it is about …

  • errors,
  • incomplete facts,
  • outdated information,
  • new developments in instant messaging (“messaging”),
  • simple errors in spelling, or
  • other interesting or important points

… are concerned.

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Background, motivation and funding

These pages are exclusively private pages without commercial ulterior motives. No products or services are sold or mediated and no advertising is displayed.

This purely private initiative is made possible by working time and money donations.