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Messenger for local networks (LAN):


A LAN messenger for all operating systems that has been under constant development since 2010!

Project page: (external)
Source code: (external)


In keywords:

  • Android app
  • Audio/video phone app
  • Works in local LAN without internet, server or other clients with a direct connection via IPv6
  • Contact exchange via QR code, even foreign contacts can be shared with it
  • no compatibility to other systems yet
  • there is no german documentation


  • Android
  • WebRTC
  • IPv6


  • Meshenger exchanges MAC address as contact
  • authentication does not take place at this time

Source of supply F-Droid: (external)
Source code on Github: (external)


qaul – قول

The Arabic characters قول translate to “word”, “speech”, “text”.

qaul is an internet independent wifi communication app. Communicate with others nearby without internet connection or communication infrastructure.

You can see nearby users automatically, send messages to all of them, create chat groups, send end-to-end encrypted chat messages, pictures and documents.

Communicate from device to device on your local wifi network or via the wifi hotspot created by your phone.

  • positive: german project page
  • positive: apps for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and macOS!
  • negative: beta status! (“We are testing qaul”)

Project page: (external)
Source code: (external)