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Call to “delete” WhatsApp

28.09.2018 / Source: WELT ONLINE, dt

“The sale of WhatsApp to Facebook made co-founder Brian Acton one of the richest people in America. But his idealism was crushed by Mark Zuckerberg’s greed. Acton has now told us for the first time what happened. A dark insight. …”

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Of course, not everyone can/will actually delete their WhatsApp. Nevertheless, the article should encourage you to at least offer a free messenger as another (independent) contact option.

My procedure for deletion

Interested parties may be able to request the account information (“account info”) before deleting WhatsApp. This is not necessary - but interesting:

  • Request the “account info” in the WhatsApp app in the settings (takes 3 days to be provided)

  • Save and save the file provided (“My account info.ZIP”) (actually took exactly 3 days)

The file then contains information about the device used, the IP connection, the first login, acceptance and terms of use, …

... here is an anonymized overview of the >> GDPR report/'My account data' << (click/tap to expand)

Deleting WhatsApp, which I used on a tablet using a landline number, then took place in several steps:

  1. preparation
    • Advance notice in groups/to individual contacts
    • Resign from groups; delete profile picture if necessary
    • Delete WhatsApp account in the settings by entering the phone number
  2. data backup
    • Copy WhatsApp data directory to PC (pictures, …)
  3. uninstall
    • Uninstall WhatsApp from Android device
    • Delete the “WhatsApp” account in the Android settings

Another experience report: https://thomas-leister.de/hast-du-whatsapp (external)

Data collection continues even without an account

WhatsApp can still collect user data even if you no longer use the app yourself. This works if your number is saved in the phone book of other contacts who use the messenger.

“In order to gain access to your data, WhatsApp does not need hidden backdoors, but simply accesses the digital phone books of your contacts.

For example, if your best friend has saved your birthday, your place of residence, your email address, your phone number(s), the names and details of your family, your website, your Twitter name and various other data under your name and Whatsapp grants access to the phone book, the messenger will also read all this data.

So if you really want to make sure that Whatsapp and Facebook know as little as possible about you, you need to tell all your contacts to delete your data that goes beyond the bare minimum from their phones.”

Source: business insider (external)