Gajim (Linux/Windows)

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This is about installing, setting up and using the XMPP messenger Gajim. It is a very frequently used client on Linux and Windows and is updated regularly. Gajim is the “Swiss army knife” among chat clients and is highly recommended for room administrators.

The Gajim project page on the web is multilingual: (external)
Current release notes: (external)


A “good” manual should be up-to-date, clear and illustrated. There are already many good instructions on the net, so there is no need to invent a new one here.

Gajim can be installed under Windows without a single line of code. Both an installation file and a portable version can be downloaded from (external). The OMEMO plugin can be downloaded and activated via the plugin manager: (external). In Linux, the installation is somewhat more complex.

Various instructions:

Note:_ Found a better/more up-to-date guide on the net? Then I would be pleased to receive a short information: >>Contact<<


There are dozens of extensions that can be loaded and managed directly in Gajim via the Plugin Manager. After a new installation, the following extensions are specifically recommended:

    Extension for secure multi-client and end-to-end encryption based on Axolotl and PEP.

  • If necessary, “Message Box size”, which allows the height of the text input field of new messages to be adjusted.

Settings for the extensions can be made directly in the “Plugins” and not via the Gajim settings. For example, with OMEMO you can see your own keys or the keys of your contacts in the “OMEMO” plugin.


It’s worth taking a look at the settings - Gajim offers a lot and can be customized!