Data protection

The use of contact data for commercial use/advertising is expressly not permitted [(see “Own data protection”)(/datenschutz/#4-eigener-datenschutz)


Of course I can be reached via “normal”, provider-independent chat. “Normal” here means that international internet standards are respected. The system is not a company property/secret and due to the federation of operators there is a so called “interoperability” (cooperation).

Chat address:
Alias/nickname: *IM*


PGP public key: >> valid until 2025 <<
Fingerprint: 24D1 6BC5 A482 0D27 00DE 2F9F EAD0 A340 D47D A0CC

E-mail info

If anyone wants to be informed about substantial changes/additions to “Free Messenger” via e-mail, this is possible. Just send a message to “” with the subject “Change Info “ and an informal comment. To unsubscribe: “Delete “ or a note to that effect.

I do my best - but no guarantee that this will work every time and in the long run. If the effort to (manually) maintain the mailing list becomes too much, the e-mail info will be terminated again.

Public spaces/groups

Questions that are not answered by the content of these pages, simply ask in the public chat room on Free Messenger. Chat rooms can be entered/visited without registration and using any alias/nickname pseudonymously. An answer is usually not long in coming!

Of course, there is also a chat room on the topic of “Free (libre) Messenger”, where an exchange, suggestions and questions about this are possible.
To make friends and acquaintances aware of this, simply pass on the following link accordingly:
There is a separate public chat for the subsection “Free (libre) Messengers at schools”. Here, teachers, students and parents can discuss problems with closed (non-free) messengers and/or successes with free messengers.


There is no official public chatroom of Free Messenger at Matrix - here I just don’t have a good gut feeling yet and not enough trust regarding privacy (decentralized architecture of chatrooms). Also, it’s harder to ensure that maliciously posted criminal content is actually deleted on all servers involved (from the time of posting).

Bridges to Matrix are experimental and may change message content. I take no responsibility for shared content outside the official chat rooms and on servers not chosen by me, as I cannot assess possible consequences.

This page lives from support - Thanks!