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**Why promote “free messengers” instead of tolerating “WhatsApp”, for example?

Reason 8: Technical advantages

  • Multiple logins **also simultaneous (parallel)

    • and/or on **different devices!
  • Possibility to use several accounts

  • Can also be used on tablets (WhatsApp does not offer support for tablets)

  • Anonymous account names are possible

  • Decentralized organization
    Like the Internet itself or the “e-mail” system, decentralized messenger systems have the advantage that not all users are affected if a server fails. The system is also less susceptible to “attacks” by third parties.

  • Due to the open system documentation and open development, there is …

    • no dependence on one manufacturer
    • no limitation to specific platforms/operating systems
    • always the possibility of incorporating new developments
      (e.g. current encryption techniques)
  • Practical knowledge:
    Schools can operate their own servers. This means that not only theory can be taught, but IT lessons can be enriched in an interesting way and the topic can be illustrated in concrete terms.