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"I have nothing to hide and no secrets from WhatsApp/Facebook/Google".

That is a fallacy, because:

"It's not about secrets, but about freedom, constitutional
security and self-determined decisions about one's own data."

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The Free Messenger Initiative has been nominated for the Bundespreis 2024 (external) of the “German Foundation for Consumer Protection”.

Nomination Federal Consumer Protection Award 2024

Quick Start

For hurried people who are looking for a free alternative to WhatsApp for Android and immediately want to use a free messenger system without delay:

Target Technology Short Info Installation e. g. from
(All links refer to EXTERNAL sources!)
Simple chatting with phone number
(similar to WhatsApp)
with same-type chat servers Requires a chat address/user ID (with phone number) on the chat-server “” (chatting with contacts on other servers is possible) Quicksy (F-Droid, PlayStore)
Simple chattening without phone number with same-type chat servers Requires a chat address/user ID (without personal data) on a chat-server (Several clients are available) Conversations (F-Droid, PlayStore)
monocles chat (F-Droid
Yaxim (F-Droid, PlayStore - without E2EE)
broadest reachability all e-mail servers chatting based on e-mail addresses (yes, it works!)
Limitation: without modern messenger features like online status
Delta Chat (F-Droid, PlayStore)
Sensitive special areas without chat server (direct) For journalists / activists with high security needs
Restriction: Only texts
Briar (F-Droid, PlayStore)

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Reading Recommendations

The information compiled on these pages is very extensive. For a quick start, there are therefore target group-based reading recommendations. New visitors are also advised to read the “Why” section.

Target Group Recommended Entry Pages
New to the topic or here by chance?
  • Basic
  • What are Free Messengers?
  • Why Free Messengers?
  • For holders of professional secrecy (including teachers).
  • Info for holders of professional secrecy
  • Education providers
  • Underestimated secret numbers
  • For private persons (including pupils)
  • Decision support
  • Usage instructions for standardized chat (XMPP)
  • Monitoring friends using WhatsApp
  • App sources for Android
  • For companies, organizations, public administration, associations
  • Administration and authorities and organizations with security tasks
  • Legal certainty
  • Basis for decision
  • Public groups
  • Own chat server
  • Interested in the topic data protection and privacy?
  • Why
  • Underestimated secret numbers
  • Privacy and metadata
  • Monitoring friends using WhatsApp
  • Android permissions
  • System comparison
  • In search of messenger information?
  • System comparison
  • Messenger systems:
  • Chat standard (XMPP)
  • Matrix
  • E-mail
  • Briar
  • external messenger overviews/comparisons
  • Active cooperation
  • Press relations / “Open WhatsApp
  • Text templates
  • Contact

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    News / Latest Changes

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    Nomination Federal Consumer Protection Award 2024


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    This site lives on engagement and support - Thank you!


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