Secret numbers

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Internal and private “secret” numbers

Often there are telephone numbers that are reserved only for certain people/groups of people.

Examples of secret numbers are:

  • Emergency numbers
  • Private numbers in the business area
  • important telephone numbers in rescue services/disaster control
  • secondary numbers that should not be in public directories

But there are also countless examples for technical systems:

  • alarm systems
  • doors and gates with appropriate control
  • electric bollards that can be lowered “by phone call
  • home automation

Since some messengers load the complete address book of the user without his active without the user’s active consent (e.g., WhatsApp), this not only violates data not only violates data protection and is a breach of trust, but is also a security gap. security gap.

Private as well as business "secret numbers" must actually remain secret and must also not allow any conclusions to be drawn about personal connections.