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**What is a chat account?

“Chat” comes from the English “to chat”, which means to chat. A chat account is the “address” from or to which messages are sent and works in the same way as e-mail. The chat address is structured like an e-mail address: “name” + “@” + “servername” + “topleveldomain” (example: “”)

**Why do you need a chat account?

If you want to send a message to someone, it has to reach the right recipient. A chat account is like a postal address for instant messages. To be able to use XMPP, a chat account must be set up with a server.


Free user name

When setting up a chat account, you only need to enter a user name of your choice and a password. No other personal data is required.

It is advisable to use your own name (first name and/or surname) as the user name. This account should then be used for contacts who are personally known such as family, real friends and acquaintances. Of course, you can also use a telephone number if you wish, as there are sometimes reasons to do so.

Examples of a personal chat account:
„name.surname@server.tld“, „name@server.tld“, „max1999@server.tld“, „samplecompany@server.tld“ or „+00123456789@server.tld“

Neutral account names, on the other hand, do not give any indication of the phone number, name, age or gender. Such chat accounts can be used to chat “safely” and anonymously in public spaces/conferences:
„fantasyname@server.tld“, „randomnumber@server.tld“, „8fds9a0@server.tld“, „animalfriend@server.tld“, „blabla@server.tld“

Existing user name (e-mail address)

With the following German-language e-mail providers, it is possible to use the e-mail address already set up as a chat account at the same time:

Multiple chat accounts

Many people cannot imagine that it is possible to use several accounts at the same time in the chat universe. However, it is often a good idea to create not just one (single) chat account but several. For example, in addition to the account for personal contacts, it makes sense to use another, neutral account for anonymous use in general or public conferences (chat rooms). This also makes it easy to separate private and professional contacts.

Practical tip:

It is even possible and advantageous to have an account with another server operator. This means that at least one account can continue to be used in the event of maintenance work.


It is possible to move a chat account from one server operator to another. The account data of a user (external) is retrieved from the original provider and uploaded to a new chat account.

Relocation service: (external)

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