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Cross-reference: Overview of external messenger comparisons

Free Messenger

German links:

Alternatives to WhatsApp with advantages and disadvantages: (external)

Data collection

Interesting and good external media sources on privacy and data protection:

Bakery (Video)

Nice video (with German subtitles) in which a bakery saleswoman behaves just as brazenly (friendly but shamelessly) as many popular apps: (external)

Free ice cream (video)

Threema also has a nice video about this (‘free’ ice cream for payment with data): (external, English subtitles)

Made to measure (movie and interactive page - very worthwhile)

“Show me your data and I’ll tell you who you are” - a cross-media data experiment makes it impressively clear what insights Google, Facebook & Co. have into our most intimate secrets.

Lots of information and funding: Kulturstiftung des Bundes (external)
Depending on the broadcast date, possibly available in the ARD and SRF media library: Movie (external)
Website: (external)


Security comparison of messengers and e-mail: (external)

From the “Sicherheitshandbuch”: (external)

„Secure“ messenger: (external)

Checking programs/apps for “trackers”: (external)



Free and open programs for Android:
F-Droid: (external)
Background information: (external)

Free software: (external)

Federation (English “federation”):
Usage/overview of the “fediverse”: (external)

Why doesn’t everyone have the same emoji? (extern)